Search Canada's Technical and Administrative Frequency Lists (TAFL) and view the results on Google Maps. Also includes the Broadcast database (AM/FM radio and TV transmitters).

Receiver Location:
Use current location:
Save as default:
Enter an address, postal code, coordinates - basically anything Google Maps can interpret.
Coordinates in the decimal format will not be geocoded (e.g. 49.767567,-96.809717).
Receiver Location is required and any combination of the following fields can be used:
Antenna Height (m): Enter your antenna height above ground level.
Used for radio horizon calculations.
Low Frequency (MHz): Enter the low end of the frequency range to search.
High Frequency (MHz): Enter the high end of the frequency range to search.
Specific Frequency (MHz): Enter a specific frequency to find.
Frequency Query Type: TX RX Both Query transmit, receive, or transmit and receive frequencies.
Max. Distance (km): Enter the maximum distance from the receiver location to search.
If left blank, results are filtered based on calculated receiver and transmitter radio horizons (will be inaccurate in areas with non-flat terrain).
Transmitters that do not have an accurate ground height or antenna height in the database may be left out by the radio horizon calculations.
To ensure you see all results within a certain radius, enter a distance.
Use -1 to return all results, regardless of distance.
Licensee: Enter a specific licensee to find.
AM/FM radio stations and TV stations can be searched for by call sign.
"%" can be used as a wildcard.
Spectrum License Sites Only: Return only PCS, AWS, 3.4 GHz, 38 GHz, MCS, Broadband and Cellular licenses.
Telephony Only: Using the Class of Emission information, return only sites transmitting "Telephony" information.
Consider Mobile Radius of Operations: When performing a distance based search, include mobile transmitters where the receiver location is within the radius of operations of the transmitter (but may be outside of the distance specified).
Unique Frequencies in Results: Return only the closest transmitter for each frequency.
Filter for Scanner: Filter results based on a scanner's supported bands.
May take a few seconds. Limited to 25,000 results.

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Spectrum data last updated: 2017/01/09. Source: Spectrum Management System

Broadcast data last updated: 2017/01/20. Source: Broadcasting Database